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Aerobytes FDM

Aerobytes FDM delivers something unique in the world of FDM - an incredibly powerful and flexible system that is also easy to use. Aerobytes users require no programming experience and the whole quality assurance process is catered for. Aerobytes FDM does not just analyse and trend data.


Advanced features such as the 3D animation shown above are included at no extra price.  Installation, training and the first year of Support are also included in the purchase price.


The Aerobytes software has the following features and benefits:


  • Easy to use - no programming required

  • Highly automated - all routine tasks can be automated to leave more time to improve safety and economy

  • All inclusive - all the features are included as standard - there are no extras such as 3D animation that requires exporting data to another program to view.

  • Drill Down - the ability to go from a point on a statistical graph or list directly to the flight data. When looking at events the flight data will open at the exact point where the event occurs. This also leads to an additional advantage - users do not need to validate events if they do not intend to take action afterwards. With some systems routine validation of events takes up a huge amount of time and adds no value.

  • Support - Aerobytes has an excellent reputation for fast and responsive support to the extent that several customers of competing products changed to Aerobytes because the support was so much better.

  • QA Tools Included - FDM/FOQA is a quality assurance process and without (corrective/remedial) actions then nothing improves. Aerobytes FDM is the only FDM/FOQA software to include the QA tools within the software. No extra licenses are required to manage the process and because it is integral within the software the action can be overlaid on statistical reports to see their effect.

  • SMS software Integration - share data with other safety software products to get the big picture.

  • EHM, APM and Fuel Data - export data for efficiency and engineering automatically and reliably

You can download a document that describes Aerobytes FDM in  detail by using our links and downloads page.


If you would like to receive a no obligation demonstration of the system, please contact us.


To learn about Aerobytes FDM and rotary-wing operations please click here.


This is what a very experienced FDM user recently wrote about the system.  His airline currently uses a very well known, competing product:

"Aerobytes FDM has been an enormous aid to recent investigations, allowing me to get a fuller understanding, in far less time, than has been possible before."

"I recommend that any airline looking to acquire flight data monitoring software should seriously consider Aerobytesí FDM solution."


Since this comment was made the airline has changed over completely to Aerobytes.