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Links and Downloads

We hope that you will find the following downloads to be helpful:

Key Features

pdf document - 0.8MB


Describes the key features of Aerobytes FDM and contains many informative screenshots. 

* Please note that documents marked with an asterisk are only made available for use by prospective clients.  Their access, use or distribution by any other party (particularly competitors) is strictly forbidden.


The following sites may also be of interest to you:

HFDM The Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Group
After several years of amazing displays Aerobytes continues to sponsor Vulcan XH-558 in the hope that it inspires a new generation of engineers. The 2014 program can be seen here.

L-3 QARs

L-3 Communications supplies a low-cost, card-based 'micro' QAR.

CAA Appendix D
pdf document - 39KB

An excellent source of information about conducting effective FDM, what is required, who is responsible etc.


pdf document - 141KB


'Efforts to Introduce FOQA Programs' - prepared by US General Accounting Office in response to Congress. 

FAA Advisory Circular on FOQA
pdf - 78 pages

FAA suggestions for implementation of a FOQA program that may be subsequently approved.