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Helicopters (Rotary Wing)

Aerobytes has conclusively demonstrated the suitability of its product for rotary-wing operations by securing the business of several major helicopter operators including CHC. Other offshore operators have followed.

This screenshot shows a helicopter on approach to an offshore installation - the animation shows a stylised, 'generic' rig.

The system is so flexible that rotary and fixed-wing operations can be mixed within the same system.


Because of its inherent 'intelligence' the Aerobytes FDM system is particularly well suited to the rotary wing environment which frequently has far more complicated operational envelopes and constraints than those employed for airliners.  The system is able to apply 'context' (time of day, rig / ship-based / ground-based, headwind component, etc) when analysing flights so that results are reliable.


The system warns of potentially dangerous and helicopter-specific situations such as control inputs that could have led to a dynamic rollover.  Transition phases are also closely monitored to ensure optimum, consistent and safe performance.


Apart from the analysis all other parts of the software are the same.


Please visit the main Aerobytes FDM page to learn more.

If you want your helicopters analysed by a third party we recommend Helinalysis Ltd: