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Managed Service

One of the perceived advantages of 'third party' FDM services can often be their weakness too:  The system hosting the data is looked after by a remote, third party (reducing administrative workload for the airline to a degree).  However, this means that the data is normally unavailable for ad hoc queries or investigations.  The involvement of a third party can also introduce delays when time is critical (investigating a hard landing for example - can the aircraft be returned to service or not?)

Aerobytes has addressed these concerns by providing a managed service. The airline hosts the software on their own computers and the software gives alerts as normal. Several times per week Aerobytes accesses the system using a remote connection to review what is going on and make sure that the airline is aware of the important things. The airline users have full access to the system and can access all the features themselves making ad-hoc queries and carrying out detailed investigations if they want to.

Because the system is local to the airline they do not suffer delays in 3rd parties providing information or jerky flight data due to poor connection speeds.

This means that you have the benefit of having somebody else look after your system but without the problems normally associated with that solution.

Third party services typically generate 1 event per 10 flights. With correctly set thresholds Aerobytes users will see at least 1 event every 2 flights highlighting problems earlier.

To learn more, please contact us.