June 2006

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MK Airlines chooses Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that MK Airlines has installed Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software to monitor its fleet of B747 freighters.

MK Airlines are a freight carrier based near Gatwick, UK and are changing from the Ghana register to the UK register. 

MK Airlines B747-200.

David Orringe, Safety Manager for MK Airlines said " The Aerobytes' software was the obvious choice, it has all the features required to run an effective FDM program and an excellent reputation."

"We particularly like the ease with which trigger levels for events can be changed and the ability to have different trigger levels for particular situations. This means that a deviation below a glide slope on an approach with high terrain creates an event whereas for most airports the same deviation doesn't generate an event." 

The 3D animation view is standard in Aerobytes' FDM/FOQA software. There is no need to configure the view or export data to other software. Signs in the sky show useful marker points, events and bookmarks.

MK Airlines will be using the only FDM / FOQA software that integrated tools to log and track actions and overlay them on statistical data. This means that the information is retained. Users can also see the effect of their actions, how long they take to become effective, how long they last etc. 

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