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ABS Jets monitors fleet of EMB135BJ using Aerobytes' FOQA software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that ABS Jets of Prague has installed Aerobytes'  FDM / FOQA software to monitor their fleet of EMB135BJs. Aerobytes has also supplied micro QARs with EASA documentation to allow easy download of flight data.

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L-3 QAR kit by AerobytesL-3 QAR mounted on bulkhead behind Captain's seat

Although not mandated to do so (due to the light weight of aircraft) ABS Jets recognised that flight data monitoring is an effective way of monitoring an operation to ensure the safety levels are maintained and improved and as such forms an integral part of any safety management process. ABS Jets will use results from their FDM programme to indicate where changes to SOPs will be beneficial as well as many other safety and economy benefits such as changing pilot behaviour and performance.

ABS Jets firs
t equipped their EMB135BJs with L-3 QAR kits supplied by Aerobytes which were delivered within 5 weeks of being ordered. The Aerobytes design situated the QAR on the bulkhead behind the Captain's seat for easy access and data download. The Aerobytes QAR kits comes with spare memory cards, card readers and Aerobytes especially adapted download software that allows the download of the memory card, moving the data to the desired location for automatic replay and preparation of the memory card ready for re-use in any aircraft with a single mouse-click.

Stefan Kukura, FOM of ABS jets commented "This was one of the many automated features of Aerobytes that makes it an attractive solution. We can spend more time reviewing the data rather than managing the system."

Once ABS Jets were downloading flight data Aerobytes installed their FDM / FOQA software at ABS Jets' headquarters in Prague in February 2010 and trained several users.

One of ABS Jets' EMB135BJ

Kukura went on to say "We recognise that there is a limited amount of time to conduct FDM and therefore choosing the most efficient product was very important to us. Aerobytes' FDM software allows allows us to minimise the time we spend managing the system while maximising time available for safety and efficiency improvements. We are focused on positive change rather than validating events and because Aerobytes includes all the tools to manage and monitor corrective actions we have a very elegant process. We do not need additional tools or products to manage the FDM process"

Aerobytes philosophy is to provide software that does more than the basic event validation and statistical trending. The software is designed to focus the user on the events that may lead to preventable accidents (which are often not the most serious events) and then identify and act on the the causes. Aerobytes' FDM software includes all the tools necessary to implement, monitor and track corrective actions recognising that actions to correct causes of events are much more effective than actions on events which may have a range of causes.

For FDM / FOQA with Drill Down, Corrective Actions, SMS Integration and excellent customer support there is only one FOQA software that has them all: Aerobytes. For more information or a demonstration contact:

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