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ATR operator Aer Arann start using Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that 
Aer Arann of Ireland has installed Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software and received training at their headquarters in Dublin
Aer Arann

Aer Arann operate a fleet of ATR72s and ATR42s with routes between Ireland, UK and France.

Aer Arann ATR
Aer Arann ATR72.

The ATR72s maximum take off weight is under 23 tonnes which puts it below the 27 tonne weight limit where FDM / FOQA is required however Aer Arann recognised the potential safety and economic benefits of an easy to use, highly automated FDM / FOQA software such as that provided by Aerobytes.

Stuart Dobbyn, Aer Arann's Flight Safety Officer said "Aerobytes' FDM software gives us a unique insight into how our aircraft are being operated as well as giving engineers excellent information about engines and other components. While we were initially drawn to the safety benefits we can already see that there can be economic benefits also."

Aerobytes' FDM software allows users to track corrective actions, integrate with SMS software to avoid replication of work and to see the big picture. As well as the normal FDM / FOQA functions Aerobytes also has some unique capabilities: SMS software integration, drill down from statistical points to flight data, integrated 3D animation, flight actions as well as features such as EHM, fuel monitoring, automated reporting and alerting.

Aerobytes 3D event report
Example of 3D report showing the Rate of Speed Events in Landing and Approach by Arrival Hour. With two mouse clicks the view can be changed to show show Count or Risk. (This example does not include Aer Arann data)

Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software is used by several ATR operators proving that FDM / FOQA is useful for aircraft of all sizes, not just big jets.

For FDM / FOQA with Drill Down, Corrective Actions, SMS Integration and excellent customer service there is only one option: Aerobytes. For more information or a demonstration contact:

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