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Aerobytes is delighted to announce that BH Air, Bulgaria's premier private airline, has selected Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software.

BH Air is privately owned by Balkan Holidays Group, Bulgaria’s largest tour operator. The airline, based in Sofia, currently operate four A320s. BH Air flies to 19 destinations in the UK and 23 destinations in the Scandinavian region during the summer season, as well as subleasing to third operators during winter period.
BH Air 

BH Air will fit L3-QARs supplied by Aerobytes to their A320s to record their flight data allowing a downloaded to be performed by simply swapping a memory card. Using Aerobytes download software written especially for the L3-QAR the memory cards are then read and prepared for re-use. The process takes one mouse click and the operator doesn't even have to know which aircraft the data comes from! The Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software will then detect the new flight data and replay it automatically. In addition information from crew rostering databases can also be imported and integrated with the flight data to allow trending by flight numbers, flight types etc.

3D animation and Panels view
3D animation and Panels view used to investigate events. Other views include Maps, Graph, List, Envelope, Approach and Profile.

The Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software includes everything required to run a successful FDM / FOQA program in one package including management of corrective actions. Unlimited users can have access with no additional cost. Unlike some competing products that have separate modules for analysis, visualisation and trending all the features are together in Aerobytes allowing users to move seamlessly between statistics and  flight data.

Aerobytes remains the only FDM / FOQA software to integrate corrective actions and allow users to display them in time over statistical results.

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