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Blue Panorama chooses Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Blue Panorama has selected Aerobytes for their FDM/FOQA software requirements.

Blue Panorama operate a fleet of B737-400s, B767-300ERs and B757-200s from their base in Rome, Italy. Their software was installed in September when they also received training at their offices in Rome using their own flight data.

The Aerobytes software is very easy to use and after 3 days training users are able to investigate events, trend data, create their own events and implement corrective actions.

A screen shot of the Aerobytes software showing some of the ways in which flight data can be viewed. Other ways include a map view, envelope view, list view and approach view.

Captain Bartoletti, Blue Panorama's Flight Safety Officer, commented "Everyone who attended the training was very impressed with the software. It does everything required to run a FOQA program including the corrective actions."

Actions can be instigated in two ways using Aerobytes:
i) While looking at flight data for an individual flight - the action can de delegated, initiated, time limited and emailed. Users can set up their inbox to be warned about actions that only have a few days left to run.
ii) Where the user aims to alter the overall value of statistics - targets can be set and monitored and multiple actions can be initiated and logged. These actions can be overlaid on statistical graphs to monitor their effectiveness. This feature is unique to Aerobytes FDM/FOQA software.

Since the beginning of the year five Italian operators has selected Aerobytes to provide their FDM/FOQA software.  

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