August 2006
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NEW Sales Manager joins Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Bob Whetsell has joined the Aerobytes sales team. Bob is based in Texas and will be responsible for sales in the Americas and further afield.

Bob said "Aerobytes is emerging as the industry leader in Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA) software with their easy to use system and innovative tools. I am extremely happy to have joined this successful and growing organization."

To contact Bob or request a demonstration please email, call or Skype him:

tel +1- 512- 868- 8809

Call me!

Eddie Forrester (Managing Director, Aerobytes) said, "With Bob's considerable experience in the FOQA market, it speaks volumes that Aerobytes is the company he considers to have the brightest future.  I am delighted to welcome him on board and have no doubt that his arrival will herald a further increase in the number of Aerobytes systems both in the USA and globally."

Bob Whetsell
Bob has over 25 years aerospace sales experience including The Deutsch Company ECD, ITT Cannon and Spirent Systems where he won the 1995 Bowthorpe Sales and Marketing Innovation award for a flat panel engine instrument retrofit program. During the last 12 years Bob has worked extensively in the Flight Data Monitoring  field and knows that in addition to the obvious safety benefits, FDM / FOQA data can be used to economic advantage. Bob has also served as President of the Airline Avionics Institute.
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