Aug 2004


Aerobytes & CHC Europe


Aerobytes is delighted to announce that helicopter giant CHC Europe has selected 'Aerobytes FDM' for its forthcoming Flight Data Monitoring program.


CHC Europe is part of the world largest helicopter group - Canadian Helicopter Corporation (based in Vancouver, Canada).


CHC Europe operates around sixty helicopters providing offshore transport support to the Oil and Gas industry.  Types include Super Puma L/L1 and L2, Eurocopter Dauphin, Sikorsky S-61, S-76 and the new-to-market S-92 transport helicopter.


CHC will benefit from the 3D animation that is built in to Aerobytes FDM and which has been enhanced to show offshore installations, including mobile rigs and ships.  Other than this modification, the Aerobytes software is so flexible that no other changes were required to adapt it to support rotary-wing operations.


Aerobytes' uniquely powerful analysis system is particularly well suited to the flight envelopes and characteristics of helicopters which can be significantly more complex than those of fixed-wing aircraft.


CHC Europe's Head of Flight Standards, Tore Villard, says:


"We are looking forward to entering the world of Flight Data Monitoring and believe that this has the potential to become the largest leap to enhanced safety in the helicopter industry in a very long time.


Our main objective for selection of an analysis program has been, easy to understand, a high degree of automation, and flexibility to change parameters and adopt new aircraft types.


We believe we have found this in selecting Aerobytes as our supplier of software and services."


For further information contact:

Kevin Martin
Aerobytes Ltd
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