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Seamless solution to Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Aerobytes and ETS Aviation are delighted to announce an integrated solution to Emissions Trading Scheme regulations that will greatly benefit their mutual clients.

This will come as welcome news to airlines affected by the impending European Union ETS regulations which require them to submit their first reports by the end of 2010 (facing heavy fines & possible loss of Carbon Credits if they fail to do so). The regulations affect most aircraft that take off or land in the EU.

Eddie Forrester (MD, Aerobytes):-
“We realised that the process of collecting this information & converting it into the required format was an unrealistic burden to place upon individual airlines. Consequently, we have modified the Fuel Monitoring component of our Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FOQA) system so that it can collect & store the required information automatically.

More importantly, we have also introduced new functionality so that this information can be submitted to Aviation Footprinter  (An online system specifically designed to support ETS (through data-management, verification & auditing).

The savings for each operator will amount to several weeks of effort per year and they will also be spared from having to develop their own, in-house software solutions to meet the ETS requirements.

For Aerobytes users, this new feature comes at no extra cost – it will be included with our standard product upgrades.”

David Carlisle (CEO, ETS Aviation):-
”Our online AVIATION FOOTPRINTER software and pre-verification support service already provided most of the ‘solution’ in respect of ETS compliance.  We could do just about everything for our clients except directly collecting the underlying information for them in the first place.

So our partnership with Aerobytes provides operators with an ideal method to be able to complete the entire process with minimal effort.  Aerobytes; FDM/FOQA software can ‘harvest’ the information and then submit it to AVIATION FOOTPRINTER for the remainder of the ETS process.

AVIATION FOOTPRINTER checks for errors and missing or potentially erroneous data.  It produces the Annual Emissions Reports with the click of a mouse and the entire process is supported by our own, in-house ETS experts.

As a result, we can greatly reduce the administrative burden of ETS for airlines – at a time when many airline departments are already overstretched.

Access to AVIATION FOOTPRINTER is provided for a modest, subscription fee.”

Background Information
Under the new regulations, regulators are allowed to issue “substantial” fines for non-compliance.  Because of the potentially enormous cost of CO2 allowances
and the value of the free carbon credits, the verification processes will be much akin to financial auditing.

The sums involved are very large so that the benefits to be gained from allocation of free credits will be of fundamental importance to even small operators.

For example, a smaller airline (5 aircraft) might have emissions of around 150,000 CO2 Tonnes per year.  The resulting CO2 bill would be €4.5 million per year (based on an estimated cost of €30 per CO2 Tonne).  However, the “Tonne Kilometre” report (based on 2010 flight activity) might entitle the operator to claim as much as 80% back in free credits.

This “Tonne Kilometre” report must be submitted at the end of the year and must be independently verified along with the associated “Emissions” report.

Companies who have not prepared adequately could face lengthy and costly verifications or lose out on significant benefits of free carbon credits.

About ETS Aviation Ltd.
ETS Aviation Ltd was established in response to the EEC’s introduction of carbon accountancy regulations for the aviation industry in 2009. The company has developed the technology and expertise to not only aid aviation operators in meeting their ETS reporting obligations, but also enable fuel efficiency programs to sit alongside a fully compliant ETS and carbon footprinting system.

ETS Aviation has worked with operators worldwide, from airlines to small corporate flight departments.

ETS Aviation’s consultants and partners have expertise in aviation operations, cutting edge software development, pre verification and sustainability. This combination is unique and makes ETS Aviation a potent and cost effective service provider to the aviation industry.

The company is recognized as a leading innovator through its development of the world’s first online aviation emissions monitoring and reporting system: AVIATION FOOTPRINTER™  

ETS Aviation’s expert consultants backed by online footprinting technology, offer a range of outsourcing services designed to help operators manage all the ETS requirements at low cost and with ease.

ETS Aviation is a member of BSI’s Association Consultancy Programme

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About Aerobytes

Aerobytes develops FDM / FOQA software for operators of all sizes that is easy to use, powerful and has excellent support.  It is the only FDM / FOQA software that truly supports its role as a quality assurance tool and allows users to record their corrective actions and monitor their effect.

Aerobytes has over 130 customers worldwide and was the first (and only) FDM / FOQA software provider to integrate with third-party SMS software.

Integration with ETS and
AVIATION FOOTPRINTER™   is the latest example of Aerobytes’ innovation and efforts to ensure that flight data can be used to save money and not just improve safety.

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