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Aerobytes FDM and Applied Informatics FASET(Animation) are now integrated.

What is FASET?

FASET is part of the Applied Informatics Flight Analysis System (FAS) and is a highly detailed animation tool developed in Canada. Unlike traditional animation tools FASET animates the Aerobytes Data and remains synchronised with your Aerobytes FDM meaning you can view the highly detail animation while running the Approach, or any other view, in Aerobytes. In addition your State Points and Events are displayed within the FASET visualization.

Photo-realistic models with streaming Google Earth scenery

Why use FASET?

Unlike Aerobytes, FASET has a detailed aircraft model, you can also personalise the skins with your own logos etc, and uses Google Earth scenery to provide a photo realistic view from any angle. FASET can also incorporate X-Plane 10 visualisation for even more realism with the introduction of daytime/night time and airports with lighting schemes and the introduction of weather visualisation. FASET also has a range of other useful features so it could be used for incident investigation (audio overlay), airport familiarisation and overlay onto charts.

FASET works seamlessly with Aerobytes and the animation and other data views can be driven from both systems.

all views
Aerobytes, X-Plane and FASET views

What are the requirements to run FASET?

Windows Vista, 7 or 8, Internet Explorer 10, 2GB RAM and at least 2GB of disc space, reasonable graphics card and connection to the internet to stream Google Earth. Users do not need additional licensing from Google. To use with X-Plane users will need an X-Plane 10 Pro license. A second screen is nice but not essential.
FASET in X-Plane mode
Aerobytes flight data viewed using X-Plane

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on fleet size and mix of aircraft. Aerobytes does not charge for the integration update. Please contact us, details below, for pricing. Quote "FASET Integration" and the first ten Aerobytes customers to order FASET will receive a 10% discount.

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Overlay on chart - synchronised with Aerobytes flight data.