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First Choice Airlines chooses Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that First Choice Airlines has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA to replace its existing FDM/FOQA software and will also be buying L3-QARs to streamline their flight data download.

Based in Manchester, UK, First Choice Airways operates a fleet of 30 A320s, A321s, B757s and B767s, flying to more than 60 destinations worldwide. It had been trialling Aerobytes FDM/FOQA software for several months.

Peter Harper, FDM Manager at First Choice said "We have found the Aerobytes software reliable, easy to use and well supported. The Aerobytes software contains a host of features not previously available."

"Our engineers are just as interested in the flight data as we are in operations. As well as improving safety there is great potential for engineering to save money, especially with engine monitoring and fuel statistics. The Aerobytes software monitors several economy values"

Typical flight data view available to Aerobytes users. No configuration is required as the animation, instruments and controls are standard features. Screen video, avi files, takes seconds to create and can be used in presentations and training.

First Choice will also be buying Quick Access Recorders, QARs, from Aerobytes for all their aircraft. The L3-QARs have the advantage of continuously recording date and time. Aerobytes has sold so many of these units and provide them with their own special download software. With one click engineers can download the flight data and copy it to a specific folder ready for automatic analysis and wipe the data card clean ready for re-use. They don't even have to know which aircraft the flight data comes from! Where data is downloaded at remote stations it can even be uploaded onto an FTP site for automatic download by the Aerobytes software.

Aerobytes' latest upgrade includes tools to monitor fuel use. One operator is already showing considerable cost savings in this area. The potential savings far outweigh the cost of the software.

If you use Sagem's AGS, Teledyne's Graf or AirFase or any other FDM/FOQA tool and would like to change to Aerobytes then contact:

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