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Flynordic chooses Aerobytes
Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Flynordic has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software.

Flynordic are based in Stockholm, Sweden and operate a fleet of eight MD80s serving Eastern and Western Europe.

Six people attended the training in September 2006 including the quality director, operations and engineering director. Training occurred over 3 days at the Flynordic offices in Stockholm.

As well as buying FDM/FOQA software Flynordic also bought L3-QARS from Aerobytes. Aerobytes supplies special download software with L3-QARs to automate the process. Once the user has inserted the card into the card reader they can download the flight data to a chosen folder and prepare the card for re-use with a single mouse click. The process is so automated that the user doesn't even have to know which aircraft the data came from. The Aerobytes FDM/FOQA software can automatically search network folders for new flight data before processing and analysing the flight data. This minimises the time spent managing flight data files leaving more time to improve safety and efficiency.

A Flynordic MD80

Mats Öfverstedt, Operations Director, commented "The Aerobytes software is easy to use, highly automated and has many useful features. The drill down ability is particularly clever as it saves a lot of time and speeds up investigations. To be able to draw a box around points on a statistical report and open up the flight data at the exact point the statistical data came from is very useful"

Drill down is available in all statistical analysis including reports, hot spots and the risk matrix:

A Risk Matrix - 1)users click on a square in the grid. 2)The events are displayed. They can be filtered for time periods and other criteria. 3)Clicking on an item allows the user to open the flight data at the point in the flight it occurred.

For more information or a demonstration please contact:  (online demonstrations now available)

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