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Helicopters NZ install Aerobytes FDM software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Helicopters NZ has started to use Aerobytes
' Flight Data Monitoring software to monitor it fleet of Bell 412s.

Helicopters NZ received their software, that was installed on site in New Zealand and was followed by training, in the first week of November 2006.


A Helicopters NZ Bell 412

Helicopters NZ first became aware of Aerobytes following an exhibition at a safety course. Aerobytes were the only company able to demonstrate an effective FDM system for helicopters and have been working closely with Helicopters NZ since to get their system up and running. This has included advice on recording hardware that had to be fitted to the aircraft.

Aerobytes has sold about 60 software licenses in the last three years, mainly to fixed wing operators. Kevin Martin, Sales Manager of Aerobytes commented that “Helicopters will become a growing market, there is now a significant push to improve helicopter safety and we have the technology to help. FDM/FOQA is often quoted as being one of the most significant advances in flight safety in recent years and we can now apply that to helicopter operators.”

“Some of the things we can monitor for include: Envelope exceedences for speed, pitch, roll, G etc, engine and torque exceedences, pilot workload and inappropriate use of automatics close to the ground or at low speed. Aerobytes' FDM software is also the only one that includes quality tools to track and log corrective actions necessary for effective implementation.“

An example of how helicopter flight data can be displayed. Other views include maps, envelopes, graphs and lists.

Dave Henley, Flight Safety Manager for Helicopters NZ, said “The Aerobytes software is easy to use and very powerful. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this safety initiative with regards helicopters and look forward to being able to reach an even better safety level in the months ahead.”

Helicopters NZ operate a fleet of over 40 helicopters from various bases in Australasia providing oil industry, fire fighting, construction and general charter services.

Aerobytes supplies and supports flight data monitoring software to rotary and fixed wing operators around the world.

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