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Jetran chooses Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Jetran Air, a Romanian JAROPS-1 operator and subsidiary of Jetran International USA, has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software to monitor its fleet of MD80s.

Jetran received training in the Aerobytes software during three days in July at their base in Romania. Dom Glithero, Aerobytes Trainer, pictured below centre, commented that "Because the software is so easy to use three days is all that is required for those starting off with FDM/FOQA."

As well as training on site Aerobytes also install and configure the software on site and set all the automatic features required by the client.

Dominic Glithero, Aerobytes Trainer (centre) with Jetran during training.

The Aerobytes FDM/FOQA solution includes all features in one integrated package that includes:

1) Automatics to include searching on network for new flight data, matching of flight numbers, airport pairs (and crew details if required) automatically to flight data

2)Eight different ways to view flight data including instruments, 3D animation, map, approach, envelope, profile, graph and list

3)Quality Assurance tools to log and track corrective actions. The actions can be displayed over the statistical reports to show their effect. This is a unique feature to Aerobytes' software.

4)Statistical reporting tools to show values, events, engine health information etc.

An example of a report showing rate for events by arrival airport by time of day. The report can be edited on the fly to change what is shown on an axis to focus an investigation. An axis could be changed to event type, aircraft type, runway, fleet or even list specific events etc. The report can be ordered by row or column and show events or rate.

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