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LOT upgrades to Aerobytes' Flight Data Monitoring software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that LOT Polish Airlines has upgraded their flight data monitoring program to Aerobytes FDM.


LOT operates a fleet of 35 aircraft including Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 767, Boeing 737 as well as Embraer 170, Embraer 175 and Embraer 195. The Polish carrier is currently the first European operator which added to its fleet the world's most modern passenger airplane. LOT will be the first of several Aerobytes customers to fly the Boeing 787, starting in December 2012, which requires a new decode method due to the different way the flight data is recorded.

LOT Dreamliner
LOT's Dreamliner soon to be monitored using Aerobytes FDM software

LOT selected Aerobytes to replace their current system after a full market review. They also had the advantage of seeing their partner company use the system for several months so knew they were making the correct decision.

Paweł Malawko, LOT's Quality Safety and Security Director said "The installation and training went smoothly and after only a few hours we could start using the software. The safety team have benefitted from the ease of use and excellent support."

Aerobytes is a value led system where several hundred values from each flight are stored in a database. These values can be simple measurements such as speed or more complex values such as the height the aircraft was last unstable on approach. As well as several hundred safety values there are also many hundred more supporting engine health, APM and fuel monitoring outputs.
Compared to systems that just detect events Aerobytes users have the advantage that all the values can be trended regardless of whether they are also events.

LOT is also one of the first Aerobytes customers to benefit from the recent work of the UK CAA using Aerobytes' software to monitor for the "Significant Seven". A term referring to the main contributing factors to accidents.

As part of this work a new set of values is now monitored including values such as runway distance to spare at 70kts with 0.2G braking force, braking G required at touch down etc. The new values will give operators another way to assess landing risks other than measures such as height last unstable on approach.

LOT use Q-Pulse to manage their SMS system and Aerobytes can link flight data to SMS occurrence reports so the safety team can instantly navigate from one system to the other. While reviewing an SMS report users can click on a button and the flight data associated with the report can be viewed. Not only is subjective and objective data linked together to allow for better understanding and assessment but users save a huge amount of time.

For FDM / FOQA with Drill Down, Corrective Actions, SMS Integration, fatigue monitoring, fuel monitoring and excellent customer support there is only one FDM/FOQA software that has them all: Aerobytes FDM. For more information or a demonstration contact:

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