June 2006

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Ocean Airlines chooses Aerobytes

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Ocean Airlines has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software to monitor its fleet of B747 freighters.

Ocean Airlines received their installation and training in the Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software at their base in Italy in June 2006. All Aerobytes customers are trained at their offices with their own flight data.

Ocean Airlines B747departing Schiphol, Amsterdam.

Captain Graziano Guzzinati, Flight Safety Officer of Ocean Airlines commented on the Aerobytes' software, "Its flexibility and user friendliness makes Aerobytes a powerful tool to achieve a high standard of flight safety for our operations."

"We particularly like the ease with which trigger levels for events can be changed and the ability to have different trigger levels for particular situations."  

"We also like the ability to work remotely. This is important for a smaller operators where safety managers are often pilots as well. Being able to review statistics and flight data from a hotel room is a great benefit."

The 3D animation view is standard in Aerobytes' FDM/FOQA software. There is no need to configure the view or export data to other software.

Ocean Airlines will benefit from the only FDM / FOQA software that includes the tools to track and monitor corrective actions. Users can implement actions, delegate them, receive warnings when or before they become overdue and comment on the outcome. The actions are overlaid on trend graphs so their effect can be easily viewed and the lessons and experience retained with the flight data.

PFD and engine panels can be viewed in real time when investigating events.

Ocean Airlines is one of several Italian operators who have chosen Aerobytes in recent months and Aerobytes now support several exclusive B747 Freighter operators.

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