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Pelita Air Chooses Aerobytes
Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Pelita Air in conjunction with Aerotama Dinamika Perkasa has selected Aerobytes' FDM/FOQA software to monitor its aircraft. Pelita

Pelita Air provide a variety of fixed and rotary wing operations on a charter basis with passengers that include high ranking Indonesian politicians and dignitaries. Aircraft include F100, Casa212, Dash-7, Bell430, Bell412, S76A, SA330, AS332 & BO105.

Pelita Air F100

Aerotama Dinamika Perkasa provide expert services to the aviation industry and are assisting Pelita Air to run and manage their FOQA program.

Aerobytes installed and trained Pelita and Aerotama Dinamika Perkasa in April 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially the software will monitor a single Fokker 100. Winarko Sinarmanto of Aerotama Dinamika said after the training "I believe we are the first Indonesian operator to take this safety initiative. The idea has been embraced by the management and crews." The Production Director of Pelita Air, Captain Tisno Haryadi, said “We look forward to the opportunity to enhance safety and reduce costs” while the Vice President Engineering, Mr. Tri Harwiyono, said “With this software, safety issues will be resolved more quickly and effectively."

Animation View of F100
nimation view is one of eight views available to Aerobytes users to view flight data

As well as a main system each crew member will have the software installed on a laptop and will be able to review their flight after they have landed. The crews will be able to see every detail about their flight from rotation technique through to approach and landing. Off course the most important part of any FDM / FOQA project is the ability to change the statistics in the future. Statistics can be presented in many different ways including the example below.

Example of Aerobytes statistical report
Aerobytes Events reports
have tabs to show count over time, rate over time, Severity over time and Severity Distribution.

Aerobytes is increasingly attracting operators with small fleets who may have in the past opted for a third party service. Ease of use, excellent support and access to data are the main reasons. In addition the flight data is increasingly being used to monitor engine health, diagnose maintenance issues and monitor fuel burn.

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