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Air Seychelles moves to Aerobytes
Aerobytes is delighted to announce that
Air Seychelles has moved from a third party service to using Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software in-house.

Air Seychelles are monitoring 2 x B767 flying from Seychelles to London, Paris, Johannesburg, Munich and Singapore. In March 2007 Aerobytes installed the software at the Air Seychelles offices and provided 3 days training to the key analysis staff.

With two aircraft being monitored Air Seychelles initially chose for a third party to analyse and validate their flight data. However an increase in available staff resources as well as a renewed focus on productivity and data driven performance led them to convert to an in-house system using Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software.

Ben L'Esperance, Air Seychelles Safety Manager said after the training "The Aerobytes software provides great information, the ability to drill down from statistical information to flight data means we are much more focussed on the important trends than before. In addition we aren't paying for events to be validated that will never be looked at again"

Drill DownAerobytes users can draw a box around points on a graph to list the contributing flights and then open up the flight data at the exact point the event occurs.

Aerobytes has taken a unique approach to flight data analysis. To make the time spent using the software as productive as possible users are not expected to validate events just because they have happened. Users can focus on statistics that they want to influence in the future. The unique drill down ability allows users to move directly from statistics to the exact point in the flight data where events have occurred. This means that users can identify causes rather than act on symptoms leading to more effective corrective actions. In addition users can chose to only only review flight data where they intend to change the statistics in the future leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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