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SkyEurope installs Aerobytes FDM / FOQA Software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that 
SkyEurope has selected and installed Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software.

SkyEurope are a low cost carrier based in Central Europe that operates a fleet of fourteen B737-300/500/700 (with 32 B737-700 on order) to all corners of Europe.

SkyEurope B737NG
SkyEurope B737

SkyEurope received their installation and training in June 2007 in Bratislava using their own flight data. After the installation all the required automatics are enabled and during training customers can start to investigate areas of known problems. Having experts set up the software allows users to start improving safety and efficiency straight away and makes the training very realistic.

SkyEurope's Flight Safety Officer, Igor Halanda commented after the training, "The Aerobytes software is very powerful and flexible with some great time saving features. I particularly like the 'Hot Spots' button. With one click I can list our riskiest departure or arrival airports, runways or events."

Aerobytes contains several other features like Hot Spots to allow very quick investigations including a Risk Matrix, Calendar View and Inbox that can be configured to allow users to receive messages about the flights or events that are of interest to them. As with all statistical reports within Aerobytes users can drill down from the higher level information to the flight data.

Calendar View
Calendar View: Mouse over a flight to see its details. Right click to view the flight data, print the view etc.

The Calendar View allows users to see the flights on a particular day up to a quarter. The flights are colour coded according to the worst event during the flight. (Blue signifies there were no events) A solid box indicates the flight is open, a hollow box indicates it is closed. Users can immediately see the status of flights.

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