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Virgin Atlantic chooses Aerobytes

is delighted to announce that Virgin Atlantic has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software to upgrade its FDM / FOQA capabilities. This decision was made following a successful trial of the Aerobytes application. Virgin Atlantic operates a fleet of Airbus A340-300s and A340-600s and Boeing 747-400s on long haul routes out of the UK .

Ellie Powell, CANDID Technical Officer  said, "The trial proved that Aerobytes is easy and simple to use while being highly automated.” Aerobytes also excels in its reliability and support, which is very important to us.”

A Virgin Atlantic A340-600 at London Heathrow

"Aerobytes software contains everything: 3D animation, QA and reporting tools and there are no costly extras such as animation packages or other programs required to monitor and track corrective actions."

Virgin Atlantic is using the Aerobytes software to enhance the monitoring of their fleets operation. One of the tools readily available on the Aerobytes software is the Risk Matrix:

The Risk Matrix is an example of the powerful statistical analysis that can be achieved using Aerobytes. The matrix shows stages of flight vs. type of event over the last 3 time periods of interest. Users can readily  identify potential problem areas, facilitating a more focused approach in their analysis. Simply clicking on a square shows the events that contributed to it and from there users can open the flight data directly at the exact point in the flight the event occurred with 2 more mouse clicks.

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