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Wataniya Airways installs Aerobytes' FDM software

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Wataniya Airways of Kuwait installed Aerobytes FDM / FOQA software and received training at their headquarters in March

Wataniya Airways operates a fleet of A320s serving the Gulf and Middle East regions.

Wataniya Airways A320.

Anthony Jamieson, Wataniya Airlines' Safety Manager commented: "Its an excellent system! I'm enjoying discovering its capabilities." He went on to say "A very special thanks for the excellent training, the trainer was outstanding in his expertise and enthusiasm"

Wataniya Airlines join a growing community of Middle Eastern Airlines using Aerobytes' software to help improve safety and efficiency.

Aerobytes' users can move directly from statistical data points to flight data


allowing users to focus on the events they wish to eliminate from their future statistics rather than validating many events that will never be viewed again. In addition users can import data from other sources such as crew rostering systems, log corrective actions and display them over statistical reports to view their effect, integrate with SMS software to see the big picture and schedule reports.

Aerobytes is currently developing a range of new tools including additional reporting capabilities and the capability to perform benchmarking against other Aerobytes users.

For FDM / FOQA software with Drill Down, Corrective Actions, SMS integration and excellent customer support there is only one option: Aerobytes. For more information or a demonstration contact:

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