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WDL Aviation installs Aerobytes to Monitor BAe146s
Aerobytes is delighted to announce that
WDL Aviation has installed
Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software.
WDL Aviation

WDL Aviation is based at Cologne-Bonn Airport in Germany and operate a fleet BAe146s, F27s, Learjet 25 and an airship! They are monitoring the BAe146s.

WDL airship BAe146
Airship and BAe146 operated by WDL Aviation

The Aerobytes software was installed at the WDL offices in May 2007. During installation many automatic features were set to reduce user workload and leave more time available for improving safety and efficiency.

Automatics can include replay and analysis, alert emails or SMS texts, reports(per flight, daily, weekly, monthly), import of flight numbers, weights, airport pairs, database backups etc.

Gerry van der Bol, WDL Technical Director, said after the training, "Aerobytes has a great product and I can see many uses beyond safety. It is a great feature to be able to 'drill down' from statistical reports to the actual point in the flight data and also to see actions overlaid on reports.."

The Aerobytes software includes every thing needed to run an FDM / FOQA program including replay and analysis of flight data, trending and corrective actions. The most important part of any program is statistics and Aerobytes includes various statistical reports, all of which can be filtered. and grouped, some of which have four different ways to view the data including count, rate and distributions. From all reports it is possible to drill down to the exact point in a flight where the value or event comes from negating the need for pre-validation of events most of which are never viewed again. (A big time waster with some competing products)

Above: Aerobytes report showing count of Landing and Approach events by arrival airport. The airport with most events is highlighted.

Above: Same data showing the rate of events (how many times per hundred flights) The same airport is highlighted.

The above examples are not WDL results.

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