Jan 2005

Wideroe Flyveselskap choose Aerobytes FDM

Aerobytes is delighted to announce that Wideroe Flyveselskap have started a trial of Aerobytes FDM. Software installation and training took place on 3,4 & 5 January 2005 in Bodo, Norway.

Wideroe is very experienced with FDM having used Graf software since 1996.

They operate a fleet of Dash-8-100s, 300s and 400s. 32 aircraft in all.

Wideroe is the first Aerobytes customer to benefit from a new feature to allow actions and monitoring of actions within the FDM/FOQA software. All other customers will be upgraded over the coming weeks.

To manage the process Aerobytes FDM users create a project where they define the problem they want to correct, set targets, decide how often to be informed of progress and create and monitor corrective actions. The actions are plotted on trend graphs and remain in place. Without corrective actions a FDM / FOQA system has little effect on safety.

Bjorn Johansen of Wideroe commented "We chose Aerobytes due to its ease of use and high degree of configurability. Our operation is fairly unusual with the range of airports and flying conditions we experience. We require FDM software that does more than just analyse flight data and detect events."

Wideroe are the latest airline who has chosen to change to Aerobytes rather than upgrade to AirFase. If you want to know why or would like more information please contact:

Kevin Martin
Aerobytes Ltd
Tel +44 (0) 7815 634055