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XL Airways Germany chooses Aerobytes
Aerobytes is delighted to announce that
XL Airways Germany
has selected Aerobytes' FDM / FOQA software.

XL Airways Germany are based in Frankfurt and operate a fleet of three A320s and will be adding two new B737-800s later this year.

XL received their training at their new offices near Frankfurt in February 2007

XL will benefit from features such as the one click "Risk Matrix" and "Hot Spots" that highlight problem areas without having to review lots of statistics to determine where the problems are. The "Hot Spots"  button (single click) lists the riskiest departure and arrival airports or runways based on the amount of flights, rate of events and their severity spread. (During a recent demonstration to a an operator using other FDM software they commented that it would take 2 days to get the information from their system that took a single click in Aerobytes!)
Aerobytes Screenshot
Typical view of flight data from within Aerobytes showing the profile of the flight along at the bottom with instruments, approach and map view above.

Norbert Kaeppel, Director of Operations, said "Aerobytes supplied us with QARs, download software and their excellent FDM software in a very short space of time. The QARs with kits and EASA minor mods were shipped within two weeks of our order."

"The Aerobytes software is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Many features are automated and the 'drill down' capability means we don't waste time validating events we will never look at again."

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