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Aerobytes Ltd

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Meet the Team

Your main contacts at Aerobytes are:

Eddie Forrester, Managing Director

Before starting Aerobytes Eddie worked in telecommunications and then as a freelance programmer. Having been contracted to work for a competitor he knew he could do better and Aerobytes was formed. Eddie’s philosophy for the company is to remain lean and flexible. With first-hand experience of large company bureaucracy, he knows just how much of an advantage Aerobytes has over its larger competitors in terms of support and response to their needs.


Alan Hackford 

Alan Hackford, Technical Support

Alan joined the Royal Air Force in 1975, at the tender age of 16 (and a half) as a Flight Systems Technician where he spent 14 years, working on everything from overhauling gyroscopes in a clean room up to front-line squadron operations on fast jets. Following that he joined British Midland Airways, running their Avionic Workshop gaining experience on bench repair and overhaul of tape-based FDR and CVR, including the infamous scratch-foil recorders (and still has the scars to prove it!).While there he moved from the workshop into Technical Services, to set up an FDR section. This lead to CAA approval as a BCAR B4 Test House, certified to issue Approved Test Certificates on Flight Data Recorder systems on B737, Embraer 135 & 145, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100, Airbus A320, 321, and A330. In addition he provided engineering support during the setting up of British Midland’s OFDM department, including writing of Logical Frame Layouts for A320 and reprogramming of the A320 Data Management Unit.

In September 2003 Alan joined Thomas Cook Airlines in Manchester where once again he was involved in the company's FDM process, including the switch over to Aerobytes.

Alan is married with 2 adult children

+ 44 (0) 7821 876 589


Darcy Mastad - Technical Support

Darcy brings a wealth of aviation experience to Aerobytes Support with almost 10,000 hours flying time. He has flown a range of smaller aircraft before flying A320s and A319s for Skyservice Airlines of Ontario in 2001 where he later became an instructor and then FDM Manager.

Darcy's focus is on support for Aerobytes growing customer base in the Americas.


Dom Glithero - IT and Training

Dominic Glithero, Installation & Training

Dom brings over 27 years as a Database, Software and systems author to Aerobytes having worked with some very respected organisations such as Deloitte Touché and Ernst Young on global projects. In 1998/99 he performed a data gathering exercise to support NASA, NTSB, FAA, Flight Safety and Industry initiatives to define next generation FDM products. Dom's aviation and systems knowledge, gained from his PPL and working internationally in the FDM industry, provides Aerobyte's customers with expert training and working installations.

+ 44 (0) 7710 626 635

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Richard McGonagle Richard McGonegle, QARs and QAR kits

Richard started his career as a student apprentice with Smiths Industries setting up a production line to produce their first car clock for many years. His  greatest wish however, was to move over into sales, which  Smiths Industries would not allow. In 1986, he joined Welwyn Components Ltd and successfully sold electronic components for 12 years before joining one of their competitors. After the UK electronic manufacturing downturn of 2004, Richard joined Avionics Mobile Services Ltd as a Sales Manager for their component operation. As the company gained EASA Part 21G approval, he used his production experience to sell and co-ordinate their new service. After their closure, he joined Aerobytes and now supports their QAR hardware business.

+44 (0) 1707 653 870

Charles Forrester
Charles Forrester, Systems Manager

Charles joined Aerobytes in 2007 to help with the increasing workload of implementing frame layouts and configuring systems for customers. His previous experience in the London Insurance Market ensured he was able to implement the level of detail and quality required by Aerobytes to ensure the best level of customer service.
Andy Bunn
Andy Bunn, Data Analyst

Andy's aviation career started in 1997 as flight-cost analyst for Flying Colours.  This airline eventually merged with Airworld and then Caledonian Airways to form JMC Airlines and then Thomas Cook Airlines.  Here, Andy became the assistant commercial accountant - dealing with flight budgetary costs (particulary fuel, handling, landing and overflying costs as well as analysis of route revenue).

In 2005 he became the first flight-data analyst for the company.  He helped to create, develop and establish a non-punitive and just FDM system for the mixed fleet of A320, A321, A330, B757 & B767.